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AMD, at Computex 2022, unveiled key details about the Ryzen 7000 desktop CPUs, theZen 4 architecture, and a new type of motherboard. The new CPUs will require an AM5 motherboard and will not be AM4 compatible.

AM5s are designed to support DDR5 and PCle 5.0 immediately. AMD also said that the Ryzen 7000s will be able to reach boost frequencies above 5 GHz-they are the company’s first desktop chips to do so. It is also said that Zen 4 will have single-thread performance that is at least 15 percent faster than Zen 3. The hardware will also offer twice the L2 cache per core (1MB instead of 512KB). In addition, socket AM5 will be 170 W maximum and maintain compatibility with AM4 heatsinks.


The Ryzen 7000 mounts two 5nm Zen 4 CCDs with CPU cores and a 6nm I/O die. In addition, AMD confirmed that Zen 4 processors will integrate RDNA 2 graphics.

Unfortunately, the exact models of the CPUs that might come to market and launch dates were not given. We only know that the release period is a generic “autumn.”

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